Rocker Series - Technical Features

Camber Boards

Rocker SeriesThese boards consist of a classical camber, as it has to be used for many years on the snowboard. The boards have two support points before beginning their upward bends to the tip and tail. This entire area is also called the effective edge. The concept is aimed at board characters who focus their emphasis on best edge hold, smoothness and extreme pop.

Camber boards are available in following board lines:
Man Series: Style | LTD 1 | LTD 2 | Premium Junior Boy
Woman Series: CU | LTD 2 | Style | Premium Junior Girl

Full Rocker Boards

Rocker SeriesThe fullrocker boards are definitely the guaranteed fun in the collection. If you put the boards on a more even surface, so these can rotate like a propeller, and that is the main feature of the fullrocker boards. Also, you turn extremely light and not struggling at the slightest bump and turn initiation. Also in the board control we give full credit.

Fullrocker boards are available in following board lines:
Man Series: FR | FE | CU | Rental
Woman Series: Premium | LTD 1

Vario Rocker Boards

Rocker SeriesThe variorocker boards are the absolute allrounder when it comes to have the most fun with a board. The central rocker line has a moderate camber in the binding area, which in turn allows a playful ride and a rich pop. the “varios“ so to speak, are always there when you go from hard piste in the powder, or take a trip to the park.

Variorocker boards are available in following board lines:
Man Series: C1 Carbon | Pirate | Premium
Woman Series: C1 Carbon | Powder Force | FE

Rocker Series

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